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Nisi Ziff
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Want to work at a company that changes lives? We are an online fitness family on a mission to bring all the benefits of exercise to as many people as possible and that thrives on collaborations.
You’ve come to the right place 

We are currently looking for worldwide instructors specializing in different formats (Yoga, Pilates, Dance, Bar, Zumba, Strength, Martial arts, etc..). Pick your FORTE!

Why join

ClickOnFit ?

We understand the importance of continued training and education, so we’re all about helping our trainers develop core competencies and skills that can be used throughout their entire careers.

Grow with us

We are unlike any other fitness company out there

join our team of trainers

We empower all trainers that collaborate with us to earn as much as they want!

In fact you won't get paid a fixed hourly amount. 

That's an old limiting concept that restricts your true potential.


Once you are part of the ClickOnFit instructors family you will be able to promote your own classes as well as any other format offered on our platform through your network, following, socials, etc.


Any client that subscribes to the ClickOnFit platform through your promotions will earn you a VERY HIGH monthly commission on all their current and future subscriptions.


What we are offering is the chance to BUILD UP YOUR INCOME, keep it growing indefinitely, & have fun during the process!



You GET out what you put in

Teach a minimum of two classes a week from anywhere.

…and this is what you'll get in return from us: 


- FREE website mgmt (including your online presence)

- FREE online classes schedule mgmt

- FREE ondemand videos mgmt

- FREE members' subscriptions mgmt

- FREE billing mgt

- FREE access to all the platform content

Flexible Schedule

Spend time doing what you love, we'll handle the rest!


FREE 1to1 COACHINGS on Marketing and Sales from our incredible coach!

This gives you the TOOLS and leaves you TIME to focus on your CLASSES and your NETWORK.

Your next steps

Step 1

Tell us who you are, your experience, your dreams and what makes you a good match for this program :-)

Step 2

Reserve your spot for your interview & live presentation - where we'll give you all the details about our program and answer all your questions!